The Photo Booth Advantage




Photo booth rentals have become popular in Canada and the US for a growing number of events such as weddings, sweet sixteens, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, along with a number of corporate and marketing events. Apart from traditional photo printing, modern photo booths may also include the following new functions:



Animated GIF


Flipbook printing

Virtual props placed intelligently on the person's eyes or shoulders etc.

Slow-motion video

Green-screen background removal

Fun costume virtual dressing

Facial gesture recognition



A photo booth gets people to loosen up, be themselves, move past their natural inhibitions. Fears and inhibitions fall away as people enter the booth with a prop in hand. Guests get to enter their own place to play, and people of all ages simply have a blast. Modern photo booths can bring people to life, capture the spirit of the event, and turn shy turtles into strutting peacocks. They create epic, dramatic, short stories that are full of life, colourful, and fun. They capture tons of hilarious moments. Guests get to creatively and spontaneously direct their own photo shoot. You may be surprised at how much fun your most timid guests have once they get their hands on a feather boa, fake mustache, or oversized pair of sunglasses.



A photo booth gets pictures of everyone. Nobody is forgotten or left out.  A Photo booth entertains your guests and gives them something to talk about. Save yourself the hassle and opt for something that’s sure to make your event a great success. 

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